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After a few weeks months of work with the CDE code, I’m happy to share what I hope will eventually has become a simple Debian distribution with CDE as the GUI.  CDEbian 0.8 is Debian Squeeze i386 with CDE 2.2.0c and docs built and installed. CDEbian includes Open-VM toolbox for seamless mouse/video integration with VMWare. See the CDE Projects FAQ for more whimsical info. No, I don’t really have any plans to update it, sorry. It is what it is, and its beautiful. 

Boot, install, and demonstration video -NEW!

The LiveCD default user is: cdeuser and the default password is: cde . Root password is included in the ‘welcome to CDEbian’ file on cdeuser’s desktop.

Current: CDEbian 0.8 bootable .iso image w/installer -NEW, ok not really, but the link works again!

Other versions and some superfulous CDE related projects: available in the code repository

CDEbian now includes NetworkManager supporting VPN connections and anonymity tools such as GPG, TorBrowser+Vidalia and the Gnu Privacy Assistant. CDEbian now also includes crypto-currency tools such as the Bitcoin and Litecoin wallets and CGminer and Pooler’s CPUminer. Also included is the wonderful BitMinter Java OpenCL bitcoin/namecoin client! More info on why in the FAQ.